Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee in EurAsia Gulf is comprised of a diverse group of former government officials and diplomats, government relations firms, and individual consultants. As a membership-based committee, our main objective is to assist both members and non-members in navigating the intricate landscape of government regulations, policies, and legislation. We prioritize building and maintaining strong relationships with government agencies, officials, and key stakeholders to effectively represent the interests and objectives of our members and clients.

Our committee offers comprehensive governmental relations services that are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. Here are the key activities in which we actively engage:

  1. Policy Analysis and Research: We conduct extensive research and in-depth analysis of government policies, legislation, and regulatory frameworks that impact our clients’ specific industries. This enables us to identify emerging trends, as well as potential opportunities or threats for our clients.
  2. Government Affairs Strategy: We develop customized strategies for government affairs to advance the interests and objectives of our clients. This includes creating detailed roadmaps for engaging with key government decision-makers and stakeholders.
  3. Legislative Advocacy: We engage in lobbying efforts on behalf of our clients, aiming to influence the development and passage of legislation that aligns with their goals. Moreover, we actively form coalitions and alliances to amplify our clients’ voices in the legislative process.
  4. Regulatory Compliance: We assist clients in understanding and complying with existing government regulations. In situations where necessary, we advocate for regulatory changes or waivers that would benefit our clients.
  5. Government Contracting: We help clients identify and pursue government contracts and procurement opportunities. This encompasses providing guidance on the bidding and proposal process, as well as ensuring that our clients are in full compliance with contract terms.
  6. Stakeholder Engagement: We facilitate meaningful interactions between our clients relevant stakeholders to build relationships and achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. This includes organizing meetings, forums, and events where our clients can connect with government officials, industry leaders, and other influential stakeholders.
  7. Issue Monitoring and Reporting: We closely monitor legislative and regulatory developments that may impact our clients and provide timely updates and analysis. This allows our clients to stay informed and strategically respond to any changes in the political and regulatory landscape.
  8. Public Relations and Communications: We assist our clients in effectively communicating their positions, achievements, and concerns to key audiences, including government officials, the media, and the public. We develop strategic messaging and communication plans to ensure our clients’ voices are heard and understood.
  9. Capacity Building and Training: We offer training programs and workshops to enhance our clients’ understanding of government relations and empower them to effectively engage with the government. This includes sessions on advocacy skills, policy analysis, and regulatory compliance.
  10. Ethical Standards and Best Practices: We uphold the highest ethical standards and follow best practices in our interactions with government officials and stakeholders. We are committed to transparency, integrity, and accountability in all our activities.

Through our membership-based approach, the Government Relations Committee aims to provide valuable support and resources to both our members and non-members, enabling them to navigate the complex world of government relations and achieve their desired outcomes.


Committee Leadership

Mr. Victor Haruta – Committee Chair


Dr. Rafika Musaeva – Committee Co-Chair


Dr. Vadim Kozyulin – Committee Co-Chair