Finance & Tax Committee

The Finance & Tax Committee, under the EurAsia Gulf Business Platform, is dedicated to providing comprehensive support and guidance to businesses and leaders in the finance and taxation sector. Our mission centers around bringing together industry experts to share their insights, perspectives, and experiences on a wide range of finance and tax-related topics and changes within the region. We strive to offer valuable information, organize impactful events, and raise awareness to enhance the understanding and effectiveness of finance and tax practices in the UAE and beyond.

The Finance & Tax Committee’s key objectives are:

1. Education: Ensuring members of EurAsia Gulf are well-informed about the latest developments and best practices in finance and tax management.

2. Solutions: Providing practical solutions to address both general and specific finance and tax-related challenges faced by members.

3. Compliance: Ensuring members have a clear understanding of existing and new tax regulations, labor laws, and compliance requirements.

4. Knowledge Sharing: Facilitating the exchange of high-quality finance and tax expertise among committee members and other industry professionals.

5. Enhancing departments: Implementing initiatives to improve the quality and effectiveness of members’ finance and tax departments.

6. Best Practices: Promoting the adoption of industry-leading practices to optimize financial processes and taxation strategies within members’ organizations.

7. Talent Acquisition and Retention: Offering guidance on finding, hiring, and retaining top finance professionals and tax experts.

8. Discussion and Support: Providing a safe and collaborative environment for members to discuss and seek assistance on any finance and tax-related queries or concerns.

9. Innovative Solutions: Delivering simple, effective, and future-ready finance and tax solutions that align with the evolving needs of EurAsia Gulf members.

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