UAE interested in importing Dagestan lamb

UAE interested in importing Dagestan lamb

The issues of organizing the export of chilled lamb to the United Arab Emirates were discussed at a meeting between the head of the Export Support Center for Dagestan Ruslan Abaskuliev and the head of the Nogai region Mukhtarbiya Adzhekov.

The anchor enterprise that can arrange supplies will be the Boz Torgai farm, which previously supplied lamb to Iran.

As Ruslan Abaskuliev said, the analysis of the demand and the market may indicate that the Dagestan mutton will be in high demand not only in the UAE, but also in the countries of the Persian Gulf.

“The main advantage of our food is its high quality, affordable prices and great offers. There are already the first proposals from foreign partners, including from Azerbaijan. We intend to hold official meetings, where possible conditions for concluding contracts and launching supplies will be discussed, ”Abaskuliev said.

The head of the Nogai region, Mukhtarbiy Adzhekov, added that the enterprise also produces meat delicacies, sausages, and sausages and is ready to increase production volumes in case of high demand from foreign colleagues.