UAE company ramps up potato production

UAE company ramps up potato production

Elite Agro (EAG) expects to harvest 8,400 tons of potatoes this season from its 1,212 ha farm in Nahel, Al Ain (United Arab Emirates). This will save 468 tons of carbon emissions compared to importing potatoes. And improve food security.

It is reported by AgroTimes with reference to Gulf Agriculture.

The manufacturer uses automated planting and harvesting methods, advanced water storage solutions, integrated pest management, modern processing and storage management, and a waste management system.

EAG plans to grow four varieties of potatoes during nine months of the year. The products will be sold at the local market.

Since 2014, the farm has grown three varieties: Spunta, Naima and Universa, and this year for the first time planted Sifra, a versatile, light variety with a long shelf life.

Ian Summerfield, CEO of Elite Agro, commented: “We are constantly striving to introduce new varieties to the UAE market that increase the availability of high quality locally grown fresh produce. In line with our commitment to promoting local food security and stability, we are proud to implement sustainable farming practices that are good for our people and the planet.”

EAG potatoes are marketed under the Elite Fresh brand.