The tallest building in the CIS – Abu Dhabi Plaza

The tallest building in the CIS – Abu Dhabi Plaza

Local companies are involved in the construction of Abu Dhabi Plaza.

This project is being implemented within the framework of an agreement between the head of state of Kazakhstan and the leadership of the United Arab Emirates. The project is fully financed by investors from the UAE. The total investment will amount to $1.6 billion. The project began its activity in 2014 and has been going on for more than 7 years.

It should be noted that today this is the first complex in Kazakhstan built according to advanced developments in the field of energy supply and ecology, the highest residential complex of all planned in the CIS and the first multifunctional complex of its kind, which combines the concepts of “business, housing and entertainment » (the complex includes retail facilities, offices, a hotel and residential premises).

The height of the residential building will be 320 meters. This, in general, is not the whole height. Perhaps we will enter the Guinness Book of Records for all of Central Asia. SPA, gyms, a two-story shopping center 14 meters high. All the innovations that are used in the construction of facilities in the UAE will be used here as well. Behind the building there will be a four-kilometer long alley, along which it will be possible to get to the territory of the international exhibition EXPO, – said the representative of the Aldar company, Abubaker Saddik El Khoury.

Since 2014, more than 12 thousand people have already been involved in the construction of the complex in a two-shift mode of operation. About 1,500 workers are currently working on the construction site.

“We have involved local companies to the maximum in the construction of Abu Dhabi Plaza,” said Deputy Prime Minister Kazakhastna. To date, several dozen Kazakhstani contractors have been involved in order to attract domestic construction companies and manufacturers of building materials to the implementation of the Abu Dhabi Plaza project, these are the best representatives of domestic business in the field of construction and building materials. Aluminum profile manufacturers and suppliers Alyugal Group and Hoffman are currently participating at the facility, the Temirbeton-11 plant is fully in charge of the project in the field of concrete supplies, and the Almaty Asiacolor Paint Plant is also participating in the project, whose tasks include the selection and supply of anti-corrosion coatings for metal products. The Karaganda glass plant supplies stained glass windows for the 3rd and 4th towers of Abu Dhabi. We see a great interest of local companies in our project,” said Emirates (WAM) representative Azat Kudaibergy.

“The head of state in his current Address again focused on supporting business in Kazakhstan. In addition, the development of the domestic construction industry is one of the priorities of the AIID Program. And the policy of increasing local content is an effective tool to support our entrepreneurs. And we must take all measures to fulfill the instructions of the President,” summed up Aset Issekeshev.

Its planned delivery date is reported to be late 2022. The department added: to date, construction and installation work at the Abu Dhabi Plaza facility “is being carried out according to schedule.”

The total amount of work performed is more than 97%. By the end of 2022, it is planned to complete all external works (facade and structure). Finishing work will continue inside the building.

Currently put into operation:

in December 2019 – block “P” (SEC “Abu Dhabi Mall”);
in March 2020 – block “H1” (14-storey Sheraton hotel);
in November 2020, the registration of block “H2” Abu Dhabi Plaza (serviced apartments) was received; block “Z” – put into operation (residential block).