New visa rules come into force in the UAE

New visa rules come into force in the UAE

The United Arab Emirates has updated its migration legislation by introducing new visa rules for tourists, job seekers and those wishing to resettle in the country, a Kazinform correspondent reports citing WAM.

Following a review of immigration laws, the UAE Federal Authority for Identification, Citizenship, Customs and Port Security (ICP) has introduced a new package of visa regulations that will affect tourists, job seekers and those interested in living in the Gulf country.

The new rules came into effect on Monday, October 3rd. They imply updated requirements and rules for 15 types of visas that allow you to visit and reside in the UAE. Among them are tourist entry visas, “golden” and “green” residence permits, entry permits for truck drivers through land ports, visas for citizens of neighboring countries, for cruise ship workers, etc.

Key innovations include longer visas for tourists, extensions of stay for professionals on a green visa, and an expanded 10-year golden visa scheme, Gulf News reported.

So, now tourists will be able to stay in the Emirates for 60 days, instead of 30, as it was before. At the same time, a five-year multiple entry tourist visa will allow visitors to stay in the UAE for up to 90 consecutive days. And a job search visa will allow professional workers to seek employment opportunities in the UAE without a sponsor or host.

“Green” visa

Green visas are issued for five years and are intended for skilled workers, freelancers and the self-employed, they grant a five-year residence permit if certain criteria are met.

This visa will allow foreigners to sponsor themselves without any assistance from UAE nationals or their employers.

Green visa holders can now sponsor their own family members (spouse, children and first-degree relatives) for the duration of their stay.

If the green visa holder’s permit expires, they will be given a period of up to six months to renew it.

Visa for job search

The UAE has also introduced a visa to explore employment opportunities and another visa to explore investment and business opportunities without the need to find a sponsor or host, as previously required.

“Golden” visa

The extended golden visa allows 10 years of residence in the country for its holders, including the visa remains valid regardless of how much time the holder spends outside the UAE. Investors, entrepreneurs and people with exceptional abilities will be eligible for a golden visa.

Gold visa holders can also independently sponsor their family members and children. Family members of a golden visa holder may also remain in the UAE after the holder’s death, as long as the visa remains valid.

Golden Visa holders will also benefit from 100% ownership of their business.

Under the new rules, the Golden Visa will now remain valid regardless of the time the holder spends outside the UAE.

One of the benefits of the new visa system is the ability to enter the country for a variety of purposes with flexible visit periods and simple extensions of up to one year without requiring a sponsor, allowing visitors and job seekers to fulfill their ambitions.

According to the UAE authorities, the implemented rules aim to cover all categories of investors, entrepreneurs, scientists, professionals, successful students and graduates, humanitarians, advanced workers and skilled workers in all fields, in addition to streamlining procedures.

ICP Director General Major General Suhail Saeed Al-Khaili said that the conditions and rules for issuing visas were prepared based on the analysis and assessments of various federal and local authorities in the UAE.

“The new visa rules will promote the development of the state by attracting entrepreneurs, talents and professionals, outstanding graduates and students, offering them a favorable environment for work and life,” Al-Khaili emphasized.