New horizons of national economies

New horizons of national economies

Industrialists and entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm embraced the decisions of the heads of Central Asian states concerning the development of financial systems and trade and economic relations, adopted at the recent Consultative Meeting in the Avaza National Tourist Zone in the Caspian Sea.

At the meeting, the heads of state announced the need to create a five-sided Council of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the countries of the region. “A new collegial body will be created to give a systemic and purposeful nature to cooperation between the countries of the region in trade, economic, transport, logistics, energy, and innovation areas,” says the final document of the Summit.

“Such a decision in the future will not only simplify business, but also open up new horizons for mutually beneficial cooperation with colleagues from other countries,” says entrepreneur Batyr Avdyev. It is gratifying that in conjunction with this decision, the issues of transport and logistics relations are also raised. Those who deal with business, one way or another, have to deal with the transportation, dispatch of goods by this or that type of transport.

The creation of the Council of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of the countries of the region is a requirement of the times. Today it is difficult to imagine business development without investments and partnerships. It is worth recognizing that the need for such a step, to one degree or another, is dictated by the pandemic situation in the world. Some forced economic isolation, restriction of transport and transit relations negatively affect the development of the region’s economies.

That is why the joint search for ways to overcome temporary difficulties led to the need to create a Council, which at the highest level will make urgent and much-needed decisions that contribute to the growth of the economies of the Central Asian countries.

In addition to the decision to establish the Council, at the Consultative Meeting, the heads of state agreed to use the Astana International Financial Center as a platform connecting the countries of the region and other investors. In addition, the leaders of Central Asia supported the proposal to create a Regional Center for the Development of Transport and Communication Connectivity under the auspices of the UN. In this matter, it is planned to deepen cooperation in the transport and transit sphere and ensure free and unhindered transit of goods by all modes of transport. What could be more desirable for a business?

Apparently, the use of the platform of the Astana International Financial Center also promises good prospects for businessmen seeking to attract profitable investment projects to their economy …