National Agency for Investment and Privatization of Belarus to hold an investment forum in Dubai

National Agency for Investment and Privatization of Belarus to hold an investment forum in Dubai

The National Agency for Investment and Privatization of Belarus will hold the Belarusian Investment Forum (BIF) in Dubai, at which it will try to lure investors from the Persian Gulf into the country.

Reportedly, at the BIF site, representatives of large and medium-sized businesses, investment funds, specialized experts, policy makers from Belarus and the Gulf countries will discuss the prospects for business cooperation. The forum will be held within the framework of the National Day of the Republic of Belarus at the global exhibition “EXPO-2020”, November 22, 2021.

“The forum participants will meet to exchange ideas on global and regional investment trends, to discover the investment potential of Belarus. The special value of the forum will be personal communication and the establishment of business ties with new partners ”, – said Director of the Agency Dmitry Krasovsky.

Among the key speakers of the forum is the founder of EMAAR Properties, Mohamed Ali Rashed Alabbar, who for the first time presents to a wide audience a large-scale investment project for the construction of an experimental multifunctional complex “North Coast” in Minsk.

The program includes both a plenary part with presentations of key speakers and specialized panels: a Belarusian-Emirates business forum in the format of a contact and cooperation exchange (organized by the BelCCI), a round table with representatives of international investment funds, a session of signing memorandums and agreements, negotiations and consultations of Arab businessmen with the Agency and other participants of the Forum.

About 150 people are expected to take part in the Forum. Among the registered are the owners and top managers of companies from the UAE, Turkey, Pakistan, Egypt, investment funds from the UAE, Qatar, Oman. Belarus will be represented by the administration of the Great Stone Industrial Park, the Bremino-Orsha SEZ, the Hi-Tech Park, investment consultants and others.

The National Agency for Investment and Privatization considers the BIF not only as a business event, but also as an opportunity to acquaint foreign audiences with Belarus and its culture. At the plenary part of the forum, a 5-minute image video about our country, prepared by the General Producer Center company specially for the BIF, will be presented.

In addition, the brand book of the forum was created in the style of Suprematism – in 2020 Belarus celebrated the 100th anniversary of Kazimir Malevich’s creation in Vitebsk of the creative association UNOVIS, which promoted new aesthetic ideas. The recognizable Suprematist graphic solutions are designed to awaken associations between the world famous, vibrant and bold style of painting and the Republic of Belarus, which is the homeland of leading artists.