The Legal Committee provides tourists and an active community in the UAE with information, organizational support, and public assistance.

The Legal Committee’s mission is to bring together experts to share their perspectives and experiences on legal issues in the UAE, as well as to provide information, organize events, and connect legal scholars from various countries in order to improve the legal climate when dealing with various legal issues.

The Legal Committee’s mission is to:

  • Support and mutual assistance for the exchange of legal information among the countries of the Persian Gulf and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
  • Creating links between lawyers and jurisprudence experts in order to ensure the development of the legal industry in the CIS and the Persian Gulf.
  • Providing a platform and facilitating the receipt of high-quality legal assistance.
  • Implementing tasks to improve the quality of legal services provided.
  • Enhancing the qualifications of lawyers and ensuring the exchange of experience between lawyers, lawyers, mediators, and other legal specialists.
  • Enhancing the level of legal education and awareness of the laws of the CIS countries and the Persian Gulf.
  • Support for EurAsia Gulf and its members’ efforts to work with CIS and Persian Gulf legislation.

There are two forms of membership: local and worldwide. Membership is open to anyone who lives and works in the United Arab Emirates or any other country.

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