The Women’s Leaders Committee is a platform that supports the effective and influential business leadership of Emirati/GCC and Russian-speaking women as experienced leaders and entrepreneurs in order to consolidate and help enhance their role as reliable partners in the UAE’s economic development, as well as to ensure better integration into the economic structures of East European and Central Asian countries from one side and Gulf Corporation Council from the other.

Mission of the Women’s Committee:

  • Develop skills in using the capabilities of the business platform;
  • Create tools for inter-network communications;
  • Facilitate the exchange of best practices;
  • Foster the growth of business interests;
  • Promote business connections and business ideas;
  • Develop skills in using the capabilities of the business platform;

Conferences, seminars, discussion cycles, influencer webinars, business panels, partner meetings, and other events and activities are examples of forms and means of engagement that committee organize.

The Women’s Committee is a welcoming and lively gathering of professionals from all over the world who want to interact and do business.

Working women over the age of 21 in leadership roles, senior managers in the public and private sectors, business owners or partners, creative and technical freelancers, and women entrepreneurs from science and education are all welcome to join the Women’s Committee.

We welcome all business and women that want to grow in the UAE/GCC/Russia/CIS Countries/Baltic States. 

There are two forms of membership: local and worldwide. Membership is open to anyone who lives and works in the United Arab Emirates or any other country.

For additional information, please contact us at