Industry 4.0 Centers to be created in the regions of Ukraine

Industry 4.0 Centers to be created in the regions of Ukraine

On July 21, the Government of Ukraine, within the framework of a regular meeting, supported the resolution on the creation of Industry 4.0 Centers in the regions. The relevant institutions will be created on the basis of industrial and scientific parks and universities, the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers said.

According to Prime Minister Denis Shmygal, the main goal of the above centers is to create the necessary conditions for the innovative development of the regions. The institutions will be tasked with introducing technology, training appropriate personnel, building relationships with businesses, and expanding the potential of a number of industrial enterprises.

Shmygal stressed that the centers will become a kind of tool for achieving technological progress at the regional level. They will occupy a leading place in the educational, educational and scientific fields.

As part of the launch of the relevant institutions, the Cabinet of Ministers plans to intensify cooperation with the European network of digital innovation hubs, as well as with international foundations.

Recall that over the next two years, the government intends to build infrastructure for 25 industrial parks.