The HR, Training & Recruitment Committee provides business owners and leaders in the UAE with advisory, organizational support, and education on all areas of human resources management. Our mission at this Committee is to bring together experts to share their perspectives and experiences on HR-related issues, topics and changes in the UAE, as well as to provide information, organize events, and raise awareness.

The HR, Training & Recruitment Committee’s mission is to:

  • Educate members of EurAsia Gulf on all HR-related matters.
  • Providing solutions for generic or specific HR-related issues.
  • Ensuring members of EurAsia Gulf have clarity on all current and new labour law mandates.
  • Providing a platform and facilitating the receipt of high-quality HR, training and recruitment assistance via the existing committee members.
  • Implementing tasks to improve the quality of current HR departments in members’ organisations.
  • Promoting the best practices in members’ organisations.
  • Providing understanding on how to find, hire and retain the top talent.
  • Creating a safe place where members can discuss any HR-related questions.
  • Proving simple, effective and future-ready HR solutions for all EurAsia Gulf members.

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