Women Leaders Committee Breakfast “Fundamentals of Financial Planning”

Women Leaders Committee Breakfast “Fundamentals of Financial Planning”
Start Date 27.08.2022 09:30
Date 27.08.2022 09:30
Address Revo Café & Bar – OAKS Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai
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Why is it important to discuss financial planning? The sad reality is that every second woman is confident that her finances are in order but was not prepared to invest and did not even have enough money saved up for the next three months. Why is this taking place? Because it does not matter how much money you make or where it comes from (a business, a job, rental income, etc.). The distribution of the financial flows in your budget is what counts. And everyone can achieve their financial goals if you create a professional financial strategy. However, the majority of people don’t see a solution or think they can’t make any changes. Therefore, it’s crucial to develop a strategy that will enable you to properly organize your budget and make your money work rather than just generate passive income and accumulate capital.

Join us for our Women Leaders Committee First Breakfast on August 27 to hear from financial instructor Julia Kurbatova, Co-Head of the EurAsia Gulf Women Leaders Committee, about the basics of financial planning.

This event is exclusively for women and will be in Russian Language.

Date & Time: Saturday 27th August 2022, 9:30 – 11:30

Location: Revo Café & Bar – OAKS Ibn Battuta Gate Dubai

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