Tadeus Dobrovolskij
Chairman of the Board
Anna Schebsdat
Board Member, Head of Planning and Ideation
Vitaliy Nechaev
Board Member, Head of Startup Committee
Aliheydar Rzayev
Board Member
Sardor Utabekov
Board Member
Mikhail Ivanov
Board Member, Head of Central Asian Committee
Nawar Abdul Wahed
Chief Executive Officer
Usama AI Malki
Chief Operating Officer
Elena Chemaeva
Director of Marketing
Abdo S Kayali
Director General of GCC Offices
Diana Guts
Projects Director
Yulyana Kazliakouskaya
Junior Event Executive
Natalie Balkivskaya
Marketing & Events Manager
Anna Petrosyan
Business Development Manager
Henry Peter
Head of Real Estate Committee
Dr. Bader B. Al-Busaies
General Manager EurAsia Gulf Saudi Arabia
Sergei Lola
General Director - EurAsia Gulf office in Georgia